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FAQ Page-Certification means we are allowed to use the logo of a particular body (whom we are accredited to) on our certificates. That mean these bodies have certified that we meet their standards of quality and hence the certify the validity of these certificates. Being accredited to bodies like UKAS, SDSS, DEC, IECI(BASS) (Counselor to use the full forms) makes your certificate valid and acceptable all over the world.

FAQ Page- If you are talking about the validity then it is equivalent. But in terms of the course curriculum I would say our MBA would be a little better as we update our curriculum every 6 months as compared to a universities 2-3 years.

Sir the program is for 2 years, however we give this facility to our students wherein they can finish the program any time between 6 month to 2-years. Generally when you go for a regular MBA with 16-24 subjects the course structure is basically divided in 3 major parts. In the first part i.e.1st Year, you get to revise the graduation studies and the basics of MBA. In the second part i.e. 2nd Year 1st half, you get to learn your 1st specialization and in the 3rd part, they cover your second specialization. This particular program that we offer is a single specialization MBA with 4 other subjects. So in a way what we are offering you is the 2nd year 2nd half of any regular MBA program because you already know the first 2 parts through you experience.