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Quality-Policy Saunit Mangagemnet AND TECHNICAL COUNCIL 2021



Quality-Policy - All members of staff are expected to take personal responsibility for the quality of their contributions to the provision of students’ educational experience.

Staff should exercise this personal responsibility within a supportive environment where expectations and standards are clearly identified, procedures and processes adequately documented, continuous improvements is actively pursued, staff development and training are available, and due recognition is given to the needs and aspirations of the major stakeholders in the educational process.

As well as staff, students and employers are major stakeholders in the academic provision of the Institute. They shall be encouraged to participate in the processes of Quality Enhancement.

The Institute will promote a quality conscious environment through the promulgation of good practice, staff development and other means.

Quality-Policy-The Institute is committed to the maintenance of high academic standards, equivalent to the best in the sector, and will take action as necessary to ensure that this commitment is met.

The general structural requirements of a quality environment are set out in a documented Academic Quality System.

The primary aims of the Academic Quality System are robust quality assurance and quality enhancement.

There shall be an Academic Standards and Quality Committee which shall oversee this Academic Quality Policy and the implementation and operation of the procedures described in the Academic Quality System.